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Battle of the Atlantic - 60th Anniversary 2003.
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You will find various pictures taken of the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, which took place in Liverpool during May 2003, on two seperate pages. On page one there are pictures of the main warships that took part in the Commemoration and on page two there are pictures of the people and other ships that took part in the Commemoration.

'The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest running campaign of World War II. The sinking of SS Athenia bound from Liverpool to Canada by U30 took place within 24 hours of the declaration of war. Five years, eight months and four days later saw the loss of the British freighter Avondale Park to U2336 and the sinking of U320 by a Catalina off the Shetlands. These final two acts brought the Battle of the Atlantic to a close. Over two and a half thousand Allied and neutral vessels totalling just under 13 million tons were lost. In terms of human costs, 8,000 Allied Naval personal perished, together with 30,000 from the merchant navies, and almost 6,000 from Coastal Command. The German U-boat flotilla lost 29,000 men and 500 U-boats were destroyed.'

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