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The Merchant Navy - home and abroad.
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After several requests for information about the Merchant Navy, we at Liverpool Views have decided to put this page up with various external websites full of facts and figures about the Merchant Navy. We hope that our readers will find this useful. All links will open in a new window.

The Merchant Navy Association - from ship to shore, from past to present. Welcome to the National Merchant Navy Association National Organisation website. We went live on the first ever Merchant Navy Day, the 3rd of September 2000. This special Day will change the nations perspective of seafarers.

Careers in international merchant shipping - Have you ever thought about a career at sea, training to be an officer on board a cargo or passenger ship within the merchant shipping industry? If you are interested in doing something different, which will lead to an international career in one of the world's most vital industries, take a few minutes to explore this site.

National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers - Founded in 1985 as a result of a merger of three separate unions, NUMAST has a long and proud history of providing support and representation to maritime professionals, with roots that go back to the middle of the 19th century.

Mariners - Researching the mariners and ships of the merchant marine and the world's navies. Are you hoping to unravel the secrets of an ancestor's life at sea? To discover the realities of a wartime incident? To fill in the details of a half-remembered family story? Whether your interest is in the smallest fishing vessel or the largest fighting ship, this page is for you.

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