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Merchant Navy Day - held on the 3rd September since 2000.
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Canada Remember'sThe recent arrival of a salvaged German U-Boat to Birkenhead docks serves as a timely reminder of the losses suffered by our Merchant Navy fleet in keeping Britain's essential supply lines open during the Second World War, and the horrendous loss of life amongst these heroic crews.

A quote from the British Merchant Navy website - Over 30,000 men of the British Merchant Navy were lost between 1939-1945. For our Merchant sailors there was no phony war that the people of Britain lived through in those early days.

On September 3rd 1939, a few hours after war had been declared against Germany, the first shipping casualty occurred with the sinking of the Donaldson Line passenger ship, Athenia, and the loss of 112 passengers and crew. For almost six years there was barely a day went by without the loss of merchant ships and their crews.

The gratitude owed to these men is finally being recognized with the introduction of the official 'Merchant Navy Day', designated the 3rd of September every year, the first one was held in September 2000. [end quote]

Liverpool Views asks all its readers to remember the 'Forgotten Forth Service', those men of the British and Commonwealth Merchant Navy during the Second World War on Saturday 3rd September 2005.

Lest we forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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