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We are living in bad times.
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Posted by Anonymous.

We are living in what can only be referred to as a "bad" time in our history, one of those unfortunate periods of darkness that Shakespeare thought to refer to as a "winter of discontent" and that D.H. Lawrence referred to as "the day of the sunderers".

Absolutely everything we have built, invented, developed and held to be of any significance is being broken down and "transformed" by a motley crew of mindless nation wreckers motivated by a sense of destructiveness that is rapidly degenerating into psychotic vandalism.

They have to be stopped before they do what cannot be undone. They have to be stopped before they transform us all into creatures in their own image and we are divided from our roots forever.

The ambition of every dedicated Marxist and every following lapdog liberal extremist is the overturning of established norms and the introduction of new brooms that sweep every vestige of heritage out of the door to make way for what they refer to as the "challenge" of new and better times. The whole sordid ideology starts in the minds of a select few and the only way to make their ideology popular is to sell it to the people wrapped up in glossy paper and tied with a pretty rainbow-coloured bow. They present it to the population as a gift, something that will take them out of misery and poverty and rejection and bestow upon them the kingdom of eternal bliss on earth. And yes, they promise like so many others before them, we shall wipe the tears from your cheeks and remove from you the burdens of sorrow. And most people down the centuries have dropped what they were doing and followed these spin doctors of various creeds and hue, convinced by the sheer magnitude of their lies.

We are living again in the days of the sunderers, in a winter of discontent and the new prophets of the resurrection of the spirit of mankind are out on the roads again and in the fields and preaching from the hillsides that it is time to cast down our nets, abandon our families, leave our lands and follow them for they have the keys to the kingdom of heaven on earth and they will tell us all how to use these keys to open the door and inherit our freedom. Anyone who cannot see the similarities is not only blind but probably already deeply entrenched in the new creed and sharpening his sword against his brothers who stand firm against the invading and treacherous ideology masking the same old wicked grey visage of that which laid waste vast sections of the planet and its populations - the ideology known as communism, now marketed afresh as "liberal democracy".

From Russia to Africa and from China to the remote central American jungles this creed of man in servitude to the State has undergone a multitude of changes and worn many strange disguises, but wherever it has gone it has transformed the people into poverty-stricken, uninspired shadows living in servitude to the State and looking hollow- eyed at the shining towers of the free west.

Now this soul-devouring monster disguised as a fawning flunkey in a designer suit is knocking on the door of the heart and asking for bread. How many times in our mythology has this spectre not come? How many Snow Whites and Sleeping Beauties must die before someone notices that the apple and the spindle needle are poisoned? How many princes must cut their way through how many countless forests of brambles before the spell of this evil, seemingly pathetic trickster is uncovered and its power broken for ever?

Who taught the people to condemn those who stand firm against this threat? Who is asking young people to turn away from their own roots and embrace the ideology of others in order to break forever the pristine sanctity of their own? Who but a masked assassin would ask men and women to condemn their own people in their own country for wanting to preserve their identity?

Only a cringing, ravening, jealous hater of beauty, creativity and true diversity would do this. Only something that has exchanged its soul for the soul of a sunderer would ask people to turn against their own, would use immigrants to help do it and would have the gall to stand up on a podium and declare that he is happy to meet his maker. Who must his maker be, then? Not the same maker of his people. That would be impossible. The maker of his people and the makers of any of the people he uses would tear him to pieces where he stood for such a lie. Whole populations are under the hypnotic spell of these mountebanks. They open their mouths and countries are swallowed up and regions and races and religions disappear. And still they smile and say "It'll be a better world, a DIFFERENT world, a world transformed where peace and harmony will reign forever. All you have to do is sign here, or put your vote into this ballot box and you will be free. Everyone who doesn't is evil and racist and not of the light."

Remember when you go and cast your ballot that you do so in defiance of this threat. They will call you names and spit on you. They will turn your families and your friends and your acquaintances against you. They will isolate you and ridicule you (and pelt you with eggs and flour). You will be their whipping post. Not because you killed anybody or stole anything or broke the law in any way, but because you voted against them. Because you stood firm against them. It takes courage to buck the system and follow your heart. History is full of people who were willing to risk anything to stand up for their right to survive. Today we have statues and tributes to them in every public place, tributes the sunderers would like to take down and replace with new ones, more "appropriate" ones, ones of their own heroes.

But the history of our times hasn't been written yet. It has yet to unfold. And the way that it unfolds depends entirely on us and those of us who will not stand down. If the future fails our children it will be because we failed the future. And we fail the future by our behaviour in the present. Whatever we do today has the mark of tomorrow on it. Children can only live in hope and in faith that we know what we are doing and that we do it in honour of their continued existence and in gratitude to all those who have gone before us. And we do this so that we can meet our own makers with a clear conscience and look our own people in the eye.

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