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Liverpool Views

City Sightseeing Tour - Liverpool 30th June 2004.
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Various pictures taken of the City Sightseeing Tour of Liverpool on the 30th June 2004. All the pictures are to be found on three seperate pages. On page one there are pictures of the open top buses, Water Street, James Street, William Brown Street and Skelhorne Street. On page two there are pictures of the two Cathedrals, Hope Street and China Town. Finally on page three you will find pictures of Rodney Street, Church Street and the Albert Dock area.

Liverpool Views found this tour to be well worth the five pound ticket price and the ticket lasts all day. There are twelve stops on the tour. You can hop off the bus and take a look around the local area and then catch the next bus, which run every 30 minutes. For further information please vist the
City Sightseeing Liverpool website.

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